About Us

Although the Congregational Church in Cessnock dates back to 1908, the West Cessnock Congregational Church was opened on 12th August 1922 by Rev. H. Lawson. A member of the Fellowship of Congregational Churches (FCC), the West Cessnock Congregational Church began moves to change its name to Cessnock Congregational Church in 2011, a move completed on 23rd August 2015.

Congregational Churches are ‘independent’ churches. Congregationalists believe in the autonomy of the local church, as opposed to some denominations where considerable influence is exerted ‘from the top.’ As such, church members vote on everything from purchasing items, to electing Deacons, to employing a new Pastor.

Cessnock Congregational Church “seeks to be a worshipping fellowship, experiencing the awareness of God, recognising His person and responding to His leadership”. We are family friendly, running several youth groups and Sunday school classes each week. We run two services each Sunday:

  • Sunday morning: our family orientated service. This service includes many of the more modern worship songs, and also includes our Sunday School classes for the children. Morning tea is held following this service where people can meet and chat, and share fellowship.

  • Sunday evening: our more traditional service. This service utilises hymns and songs from the more traditional “Sacred Songs and Solo’s” and “Scripture in Song” books. Supper is held after this service so people can chat and share fellowship.

If you are interested in joining us at either (or both!) of these services, visit our contacts page for details of when and where they are held, or to contact us for more information or advice.