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04-Feb-2018 Do you know with whom you are dealing?. Moses meets God and tries to talk his way, unsuccessfully, out of a task. Exodus3:1-4:17 (Listening time: 30:42min. Size: 14.4MB)
28-Jan-2018 God Calls, Provides & Fulfills. The prophecies and promises found in Genesis find form in Exodus as the Hebrew nation is freed from slavery in Egypt. Exodus 1 & 2 (Listening time: 29:55min. Size: 14.0MB)
15-Oct-2017 What Counts is a New Creation. What does new creation look like? Well, invite God into your life and be prepared to change. Ask God through his spirit to give you new desires. These will alter you focus and pathway through life as you align yourself with God's will for you. Galatians 6 (Listening time: 33:00min. Size: 15.1MB)
17-Sep-2017 Life can be different. Faith can produce what you cannot do by resolve, education or will power. It starts with repentance, it continues with confession and it results in changed desires. Galatians 5:13 - 26 (Listening time: 32:53min. Size: 15.4MB)
10-Sep-2017 Are you free?. To answer that question you need to know what freedom looks like. Galatians 5:13 - 26 (Listening time: 31:28min. Size: 14.7MB)
03-Sep-2017 Don't Lose your Freedom. Paul discovers the Galatians are being encouraged to revert to the practices required by the Law. Don't go back to what has been done away with by Jesus. Galatians 4:12- 5:12 (Listening time: 31:36min. Size: 14.8MB)
20-Aug-2017 It's Not About YOU. It is not about you and what you do. It is all about God and what Jesus has done for you. His gift to us is undeserved, able to transform us and completed through Jesus Christ. Do you believe it? Galatians 3:1-18 (Listening time: 27:45min. Size: 13.1MB)
13-Aug-2017 More Than a Food Fight. Sometimes you have to make a stand. Paul thought as much as he observed Peter succumbing to peer pressure and not following his principles. Galatians 2:11-21 (Listening time: 33:31min. Size: 15.7MB)
30-Jul-2017 Protecting the Things we Value. The apostle Paul is astounded at how quickly the church in Galatia has complicated salvation. Galatians 1 (Listening time: 34:26min. Size: 16.1MB)
25-Jun-2017 Living Water. Everyone had an opinion on who Jesus is. The Jewish leaders undecided, others he is a good man, he is a deceiver and others were surprised at his learning without having been taught. Even his brothers were dubious of him. At the Feast of Tabernacles Jesus explains "my teaching is not my own, it comes from the one who sent me." He confounded everyone, yet Nicodemus called for a fair hearing of what Jesus had to say. John 7 (Listening time: 31:31min. Size: 15.7MB)