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12-May-2019 Jesus' concluding words - . Help is coming John 14:15-31 (Listening time: 33:15min. Size: 7.8MB)
05-May-2019 From Certainty to Uncertainty. The Disciples' world-view falls apart as life with Jesus takes a new and unexpected twist. Listen to Martin Telfer as he opens up the beginning of John 14. John Ch 14:1-14 (Listening time: 27:31min. Size: 6.3MB)
14-Apr-2019 Remember. Remembering the most important thing - how to relate correctly to God. Ecclesiastes Ch 11-12 (Listening time: 34:23min. Size: 8.2MB)
07-Apr-2019 Work, Wisdom and Words. Steve Wood explores how they are magnified for good or ill. Ecclesiastes Ch10 (Listening time: 30:19min. Size: 6.9MB)
31-Mar-2019 Life is Random. Marty Telfer unpacks the impact of randomness on life and looks at the certainty offered by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Ecclesiastes Ch9 (Listening time: 32:37min. Size: 7.5MB)
17-Mar-2019 Wisdom or Folly?. Join Phill Hirons as he unpacks three questions that Solomon raises about our place and walk through this world: What are we to be? Where are you in it? What are we to avoid? Ecclesiastes Ch7 (Listening time: 25:36min. Size: 5.9MB)
10-Mar-2019 Disappointment in Life. The gift of disappointment can cause us to find something better. Reference is made in the sermon to an artwork that can be found at: [] Ecclesiastes Ch5:8-20, Ch6:12 (Listening time: 28:49min. Size: 6.7MB)
03-Mar-2019 Approach appropriately. Coming to God - Listen, fear and freedom. Ecclesiastes Ch5:1-7 (Listening time: 34:37min. Size: 8.1MB)
24-Feb-2019 What would you want more of in life?. Speaker:Steve Wood Ecclesiastes Ch4 (Listening time: 33:28min. Size: 7.7MB)
17-Feb-2019 What can you gain in Life?. Humans are able to see back into the past, experience the present but can only surmise about the future with uncertainty. Yet God sees our lives as a whole from the end to the beginning. He knows that we will wonder and he has set a longing in our hearts for eternity. Presenter Phill Hirons Ecclesiastes Ch3 (Listening time: 24:03min. Size: 5.5MB)