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14-Jul-2019 What is the Bible?. Can it be relied on? Is it True? 2 Peter 1:12-21, Hebrews 4:12-13 (Listening time: 34:56min. Size: 8.0MB)
07-Jul-2019 Prayer. What is prayer? Why is it part of a spiritual life? Ephesians 3:14-21 (Listening time: 27:09min. Size: 6.2MB)
24-Jun-2019 Do my prayers reflect Jesus' Prayers. Do I want what Jesus wants for me? John 17 (Listening time: 31:17min. Size: 7.2MB)
16-Jun-2019 The Disciples thought Jesus was ….. 'In the beginning was the word & the word was with God & the word was God. He was with God in the beginning. John 1:1-2.' However after three years they were just about to learn more about Jesus, just as people need to know him more. Speaker: Phill Hirons John 16:16-33 (Listening time: 20:45min. Size: 4.8MB)
11-Jun-2019 Spirit of our opportunity. The disciples told that they would have an advocate sent from God John 16:5-15 (Listening time: 33.28min. Size: 7.7MB)
26-May-2019 Q: What can we expect in this world? . A: Jesus said,"'hate'and'help'." John 15: 17 - 16:4 (Listening time: 34:13min. Size: 8.2MB)
19-May-2019 There is so much at stake and so much to gain -.  Remain in, and draw from Jesus the true vine. [Note: In this message Steve uses and refers to a square carpet in the middle of which is placed a chair and on the chair is a Bible] John 15: 1-17 (Listening time: 32:23min. Size: 7.6MB)
12-May-2019 Jesus' concluding words - . Help is coming John 14:15-31 (Listening time: 33:15min. Size: 7.8MB)
05-May-2019 From Certainty to Uncertainty. The Disciples' world-view falls apart as life with Jesus takes a new and unexpected twist. Listen to Martin Telfer as he opens up the beginning of John 14. John Ch 14:1-14 (Listening time: 27:31min. Size: 6.3MB)
14-Apr-2019 Remember. Remembering the most important thing - how to relate correctly to God. Ecclesiastes Ch 11-12 (Listening time: 34:23min. Size: 8.2MB)