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10-Mar-2019 Disappointment in Life. The gift of disappointment can cause us to find something better. Reference is made in the sermon to an artwork that can be found at: [] Ecclesiastes Ch5:8-20, Ch6:12 (Listening time: 28:49min. Size: 6.7MB)
03-Mar-2019 Approach appropriately. Coming to God - Listen, fear and freedom. Ecclesiastes Ch5:1-7 (Listening time: 34:37min. Size: 8.1MB)
24-Feb-2019 What would you want more of in life?. Speaker:Steve Wood Ecclesiastes Ch4 (Listening time: 33:28min. Size: 7.7MB)
17-Feb-2019 What can you gain in Life?. Humans are able to see back into the past, experience the present but can only surmise about the future with uncertainty. Yet God sees our lives as a whole from the end to the beginning. He knows that we will wonder and he has set a longing in our hearts for eternity. Presenter Phill Hirons Ecclesiastes Ch3 (Listening time: 24:03min. Size: 5.5MB)
10-Feb-2019 Life is Meaningless - Perhaps Not!. The writer's search for meaning in pleasure, wisdom and work fail. But, he does learn the most valuable lesson from his failure. Ecclesiastes Ch2 (Listening time: 31:35min. Size: 7.2MB)
03-Feb-2019 Search for Meaning. What is the meaning of Life? In this book we find the futility of life without God. Yet it is a hopeful book directing us to life with and under the Lordship of God. Ecclesiastes Ch1 (Listening time: 34:09min. Size: 7.8MB)
27-Jan-2019 Perseverance in God's Work. Three promises that invigorated a dispirited people to rebuild the temple. The promise of God's presence with them, abundant blessing and the coming of the Messiah, yet to be completely fulfilled. Haggai 2 (Listening time: 26:54min. Size: 6.3MB)
18-Mar-2018 Testing Time. The Hebrews cried out to God who responded to their call. Then He tested their sincerity and reliance on Him. Doubted God's faithfulness. Yet God continued to provide for His people. Exodus 16:16 - 17:7 (Listening time: 28:13min. Size: 13.2MB)
04-Mar-2018 Memory Shapes our Identity. Freed from bondage in Egypt, yet threatened by pursuit, Moses passes on God's message to his people to trust God. To remember what he has done through an annual ceremony and the consecration of their first born males both human and animal. These actions were to aid their memories. The Bible reminds us of God's continuing faithfulness to his creation and maps out our human future. Exodus 13&14 (Listening time: 29:44min. Size: 13.9MB)
25-Feb-2018 Is your god the right one?. Egypt had created gods to worship by observing the environment, the heavens and the desires of people. All these were found to be no match for the power of the eternal, self-revealing God.  Exodus 11 & 12 (Listening time: 30:10min. Size: 14.2MB)