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30-Mar-2017 Shining Light into Darkness. Darkness hides all manner of 'stuff' but bringing light exposes the real nature of everything. Truth brings thought, action and deeds into the light. A re-look at Nicodemus and how Jesus prepared him to exercise courage. John 3:1-21 (Listening time: 22:11min. Size: 10.4MB)
12-Mar-2017 Born Again. Coulson, a modern day fixer discovered he needed to be 'born again.' Nicodemus discovered this truth when he enquired of Jesus how it was possible that he can be born again? Jesus says that it is the only way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. John 3:1-21 (Listening time: 32:04min. Size: 15.0MB)
05-Mar-2017 Religion - vs-Jesus. The Temple in Jerusalem represented God's dwelling place with his people, but with the coming of Jesus, this was about to change. Jesus referred to his body as the Temple. He prophetically referred to his death and resurrection three days later as the destruction and rebuilding of the Temple, a sign to those who believed. John 2:13-25 (Listening time: 28:59min. Size: 13.6MB)
19-Feb-2017 What do You Want?. The question asked by Jesus is little different from the question we ask ourselves when we ask what do we want to get out of life? John 1:35-51 (Listening time: 31:43min. Size: 14.9MB)
12-Feb-2017 Can you identify and introduce someone that you have never seen?. This was John the Baptist's dilemma. How does he explain what he is doing to the committee sent from Jerusalem to investigate him? John 1:19-34 (Listening time: 36:11min. Size: 17.4MB)
05-Feb-2017 The How and Why of the Incarnation. Humans have highly complex thinking and language, something that shows that we are created in God's image John 1:1-18 (Listening time: 29:42min. Size: 13.9MB)
27-Nov-2016 On Being Thankful. Have you ever considered the helpfulness to your life of being thankful? In some circumstances it is easy but consider being thankful in ALL circumstances. Psalm 118 (Listening time: 36:53min. Size: 17.3MB)
13-Nov-2016 The Blessed are the Persecuted. Standing for that which is right and God honouring over all other distractions and threats. Matthew 5:1-12 (Listening time: 32min. Size: 15MB)
06-Nov-2016 Blessed are the Peacemakers. Two audio clips from history, with a silent gap that represents eleven months between the broadcasts, begins this sermon. The sermon explores peacemaking at both the global and individual levels. Matthew 5:1-12 (Listening time: 33:20min. Size: 15.6MB)
23-Oct-2016 Purity and Proximity. Why can't we feel close to God? It is easier to clean up the outside than to deal with the problems on the inside. God knows this. He sent Jesus to deal with the inside and the outside, if you will ask him into your life. Matthew 5:1-12, Psalm 51 (Listening time: 27:27min. Size: 12.8MB)