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27-Nov-2016 On Being Thankful. Have you ever considered the helpfulness to your life of being thankful? In some circumstances it is easy but consider being thankful in ALL circumstances. Psalm 118 (Listening time: 36:53min. Size: 17.3MB)
13-Nov-2016 The Blessed are the Persecuted. Standing for that which is right and God honouring over all other distractions and threats. Matthew 5:1-12 (Listening time: 32min. Size: 15MB)
06-Nov-2016 Blessed are the Peacemakers. Two audio clips from history, with a silent gap that represents eleven months between the broadcasts, begins this sermon. The sermon explores peacemaking at both the global and individual levels. Matthew 5:1-12 (Listening time: 33:20min. Size: 15.6MB)
23-Oct-2016 Purity and Proximity. Why can't we feel close to God? It is easier to clean up the outside than to deal with the problems on the inside. God knows this. He sent Jesus to deal with the inside and the outside, if you will ask him into your life. Matthew 5:1-12, Psalm 51 (Listening time: 27:27min. Size: 12.8MB)
25-Sep-2016 To Receive, Give it Away. Grace provides the change of heart that allows judgement to be tempered by mercy. It reflects the characteristic of God but can only be obtained after repentance and forgiveness. Matthew 5:1-12, James 2:13-17 (Listening time: 24:23min. Size: 11.4MB)
18-Sep-2016 How Healthy is your Hunger?. Sports people talk about being hungry to win or succeed. Hunger and thirst are two of the basic drivers of life that lead to fulfilment. How hungry and thirsty is your spirit towards God? Matthew 5:1-12, Psalm 42, Psalm 107: 4-9, Psalm 63:1-5 (Listening time: 32:45min. Size: 15.4MB)
04-Sep-2016 Broken by things that Break God's Heart. Listen to a new perspective on mourning. What things does God mourn on? What things did Jesus mourn over? To become more 'Christ like' may mean mourning over the things for which God mourns. Matthew 5:1-12, Psalm 126, Isaiah 61:1-4 (Listening time: 27:28min. Size: 12.9MB)
28-Aug-2016 How is your Spirit?. Jesus up ends the world's view of greatness and says that first you must recognise your poverty of spirit. Studies in the Beatitudes Matthew 5:1-12 (Listening time: 28:09min. Size: 13.2MB)
31-Jul-2016 Don't Fall for the Temptation Scam. Scams come in all forms. Jesus faced off Satan's scams as he knew that what was offered would never satisfy or give what God can. Matthew 4: 1-11; Genesis 3: 1-7; Deuteronomy 6: 13-15 (Listening time: 27:33min. Size: 12.9MB)
24-Jul-2016 Turn a Test into Trust. Jesus turns Satan's testing into trusting God's Word and character. Matthew 4: 1-11; Phillipians 4: 5-7 (Listening time: 26:19min. Size: 12.3MB)