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06-Mar-2016 God's Providence - Our God Reigns. Joseph's brothers learn who he is and fear retribution but instead experience reconciliation. Genesis 45:1- 46:7 ; 46:28-30 (Listening time: 30:24min. Size: 14MB)
28-Feb-2016 Brothers' Character Tested. On the second trip to Egypt the brothers face up to their earlier wrongs towards Joseph. Conscience stimulated, repentance and confession lead to reconciliation Genesis 43:15 - 45:6 (Listening time: 32:17min. Size: 15.1MB)
14-Feb-2016 Brothers Convicted. The famine bites, Jacob and his family are starving but there is food in Egypt. Joseph's brothers do not recognise him and one is held hostage. The brothers are convicted of their sin. Genesis 42:1-43:14 (Listening time: 32:37min. Size: 15.3MB)
07-Feb-2016 Awesome God. Joseph is prepared in prison by God to save Egypt and his family - He trusted the process despite his situation. We can trust the process as God is an awesome. We should live in awe of God. Genesis 41 (Listening time: 30:19min. Size: 14.2MB)
31-Jan-2016 Trust the Process. Joseph trusted the process believing that God would do good for him. Joseph's testing time in prison prepares him to be available in God's time to interpret Pharaoh's dream Genesis 40 (Listening time: 27:01min. Size: 12.7MB)
17-Jan-2016 Life can be Like a Roller Coaster. Avoiding a situation can be better than participating in it. Genesis 39 (Listening time: 27:11min. Size: 12.7MB)
10-Jan-2016 God's Providence Prevails. Even immoral acts and decisions will not thwart God's plan. Joseph is sold into slavery but his brothers have to live with guilt for many years Genesis 37:12-36 (Listening time: 29:28min. Size: 13.8MB)
03-Jan-2016 Joseph and God's Providence. Joseph dreams and causes disruption in the family Genesis 37:1-11 (Listening time: 31:23min. Size: 14.7MB)
22-Nov-2015 Obedient to God's Direction. Jonah saved by God's Grace from drowning preaches in Nineveh but he is unhappy with the outcome. Jonah 2:9 - 4:11 (Listening time: 25:27min. Size: 11.9MB)
15-Nov-2015 Reluctant to Share God's Grace. Jonah does not want to share God's grace with people who he thinks do not deserve it. Jonah 1 & 2 (Listening time: 32:22min. Size: 15.2MB)